Why Clean Energy is Important

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Every day we rely on energy in order to go through our daily lives and to function smoothly. Most of the planet currently depends on fossil fuels to provide power and energy. However, we need to push more reliance on renewable energy sources. Renewable energies are sources of clean, infinite, and competitive energy. Fossil fuels have been running the show for a long time, but they are not going to be around much longer. Fossil fuels are polluting energy sources that are decreasing in abundance.

Here are a few advantages that help explain why clean energy is important:

  • Renewable energy sources are powerful and important to the future generations of the world. They do not emit greenhouse gases in their energy generation processes. They are also inexhaustible and adapt well to natural cycles.
  • Clean energies also give local economies an advantage because depending on fossil fuels results in a cycle of economic losses. Sometimes politics can assist fossil fuel use, but often that victory is short lived and results in a wavering energy supply. Renewable energies can be found everywhere and are readily available for ensuring energy sustainability.
  • Renewable energy sources are becoming more affordable, with their costs trending at a declining rate. They are becoming more competitive with natural gas, coal, and oil. For example, solar energy is reducing their solar panel costs and are fully competitive with traditional energy sources in a variety of locations. They are also a more favorable economic solution to traditional energy sources because of the new jobs they are creating to power the world.
  • Clean energy is growing into an unstoppable energy sector. In fact, according to the IEA, world electricity demand will have increased by 70% by 2040 – driven mainly by the emerging economies of India, China, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Clean Energy is a Promise for a Clean Future

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Clean energy is necessary to battle the harms of climate change and lessening the impacts from pollution. Not to mention, 17% of the world population still does not have access to electricity and 38% of the population use biomass for cooking, heating, and other functions in their homes. This is a major detriment to their health because using biomass has been related to countless medical problems. The United Nations made an objective to have access to electricity for everyone on the planet by 2030, which means it is more crucial than ever to utilize clean energy. If the whole planet will depend on electricity, then a healthy and non-polluting energy source must be established.

The Paris Accord, a signed contract from the World Climate Summit in 2015, is an agreement that binds almost 200 countries to reduce their emissions so that the average temperature of the planet will remain at 1.5°C. This has launched many initiatives to propel the research and development of clean energy sources, like solar and wind, so that the reliance on fossil fuels will no longer be necessary. The development of clean energy has also added many economic benefits to nations worldwide and is on track to employee 24 million more people by 2030.

Clean Energy: Why it Matters

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Today, electricity generation is the second leading cause of air pollution in the U.S. Most electricity comes from traditional sources. By introducing more renewable energies, the impacts from air pollution will be considerably lessened, especially since renewable energy sources do not produce CO2 (a known climate change triggering pollutant).

Electricity generation also impacts our health. 66% of the nation’s sulfur dioxide (SO2) is from electricity production. SO2 has adverse health effects that can cause people to experience asthma and respiratory problems. Nitrogen oxide, which also comes from electricity generation, creates smog and ozone. This highly toxic metal accumulates in the fat calls of wildlife. When humans eat fish or other animals, mercury can enter our bodies and cause a myriad of health problems.

Renewable energy can also boost the economy. They provide a lower risk of fuel spills, less reliance on imported fuels for energy and greatly strength our energy security. The clean energy industry is much more labor intensive than traditional energy sources and creates jobs more easily. They also require little to no transportation and offer better price stability.

Fossil fuels ruin our natural environment and can be an economic liability. Acid rain, climate change, human health impacts, are all just a few side effects from fossil fuel dependence. Renewable energies are crucial for the environmental health and survival of future generations.


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