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Energy. If we had one word to describe the work culture at Brio Solar it would be energy. And fun. Ok, we may need two words. At Brio, we work very hard to create a culture that empowers you to be successful while also enjoying every minute.


We created an innovative salary schedule to accommodate both veteran salespeople and newbies. For the hardcore salesperson, choose a commission only salary to maximize commission and bonuses. If that sounds intimidating, the $18/hr plus reduced commission means you still get paid while learning to sell.


We strive to achieve a Zen-like balance between work and personal life. We also realize that things like getting a degree and having a family can make you a better salesperson and will work with your schedule to be as supportive as possible.

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Hourly + Sits

Hourly + Sits Pay Scale

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Hourly Plus Sits


"Working for Brio has changed my life! I've been able to accomplish so much while working here I've been able to get ahead financially and find what I want to do professionally. Brio is really a place that has allowed me to achieve my goals."
Joey C
"I have loved working for brio since day 1. I've always been treated fairly and have never had trouble being heard by upper management and even the owners themselves!"
Kyle S
South Carolina
"It's amazing to work for a company that sees your capability instead of just looking at your current abilities. Working for Brio has been life changing because of the opportunities they've given me to grow and learn new aspects of business I couldn't learn anywhere else."
John W

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