2023 Buyer’s Guide for Solar Rooftop Mount

A significant impact on the quality of the array supports the mounts and rails of a rooftop solar PV array. Some manufacturers enhance conventional rail-mounted arrangements with metal flashing for the residential market.

With rail-less and deck-attached techniques, others are exploring uncharted ground. Due to the variety of alternatives available, homeowners can select the mounting option that best suits their requirements and tastes.

Here are some of our recommendations:

1. QuickBOLT

QuickBOLT has developed and improved its unique BoltSeal and Microflashing-driven mounting solutions in nearly a decade of collaboration with installers. The options made solar installation simpler and more effective.

Its specialized solution is a fantastic fit for solar installers and roofers as Stone Coated Steel roofs gain popularity due to their durability and simplicity of installation.

2. Sollega

Sollega’s solution delivers cost savings and increased safety and reliability advantages by doing away with module-level switching. Its system provides a more streamlined and effective solution for flat-roof solar installations by reducing the number of connectors within the array by a factor of three.

Its latest accreditation represents a significant advancement for the solar sector because it provides a practical and affordable option for sizable flat-roof solar systems.

For those wishing to maximize their solar systems, Sollega is a reliable partner thanks to its emphasis on innovation and increasing efficiency.

3. Roof Tech

Since 1994, Roof Tech Inc. has been a pioneer in solar mounting systems, installing more than a million rooftops in Japan and North America. This year, it delivers more RT-APEX roadshows, giving distributors and contractors more live training choices.

Roof Tech Inc. is also attempting to increase its market share in Mexico and the southern areas by creating a tile solution. These new solutions are anticipated to be accessible in the late fall or early winter of 2022.

Thanks to this development, more alternatives for solar installations will be available in these areas, which will also help Roof Tech maintain its reputation as a provider of cutting-edge and dependable solar mounting solutions.

Roof Tech is a helpful resource for distributors, builders, and homeowners alike because of their dedication to high-quality, cutting-edge materials and continual training opportunities.

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