Demand IQ Launches Hero – A Solar Sales Canvassing Application

Demand IQ Launches Hero – A Solar Sales Canvassing Application

Demand IQ has broadcasted the launch of Hero which is a canvassing application exclusively for the solar industry. It seeks to enhance the homeowner experience and aid solar sales representatives to sell more solar panel projects.

Hero produces personalized qualification perceptions and shade reports to bring a better at-the-door experience which can lead to appointments and an improved consumer education. It is the holy grail of outside sales applications built for solar providers to update data collection and make the most powerful pitch in the solar energy market.

According to Austin Rosenbaum, the CEO of Demand IQ, Hero brings sales representatives the capability to increase homeowners’ interest in solar panels while making a last impression due to the latest innovative technology associated with online shopping in the application itself.

The majority of the solar industry still utilizes the outdated approach to door-to-door solar sales, which led to scrappy data collection, unreliable experiences, and inferior internal handoffs between closers and setters.

In contrast, Hero delivers a contemporary and intelligent solution to improving the door-to-door sales experience for both homeowners and salespeople, while simultaneously bringing powerful capabilities for data tracking.

The significance of using canvassing is catching the attention of homeowners and making sure a certain brand stands out. If the sales team throws the same pitch as everyone homeowners would likely not be interested to invest since they would rather go for uniqueness.

About Demand IQ

Demand IQ is a credible software company offering solutions to assist residential solar providers decrease their costing in customer acquisition while selling more projects and promoting their business. Demand IQ’s Hero is intended to advance lead quality, intensify workflow efficiency, and offer homeowners a transparent and educational solar shopping experience.

Demand IQ also promises to deliver a customer-focused solar shopping experience that helps solar businesses be future-proof and make solar more accessible for homeowners. The company is on its continuous mission to make switching to solar energy more effortless for homeowners and solar providers.

Together, let us bring clean power to more individuals! Request a demonstration at and start enjoying the perks of using the application.

Maryland Bill to Go for All-Inclusive and Permanent Community Solar

Last April 11, 2023, Maryland State Delegate Luke Clippinger broadcasted the passage of HB 908 which was signed into law by Governor Wes Moore. It aims to expand access to affordable, reliable, and clean solar power for all Marylanders.

The bill which was also filed with SB 613 spearheaded by State Senator Ben Brooks is determined to achieve the said dream by changing Maryland’s legacy community solar pilot program with a more permanent, not that restrictive, and more reasonable community solar scheme for the Old Line.

Delegate Clippinger emphasized that by the time the current community solar program of Maryland ends by the end of 2023, it will already bring enough solar power capacity to provide electrical assistance to over 90,000 Maryland consumers.

Indeed, with a more permanent solar power design, Maryland is one step closer to achieving sustainable and environment-friendly electricity. It safeguards not just the safety of the environment and consumers but also boosts economic benefits as it is very cost-effective, especially in the long run.

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