How Sure Are You That Your Solar Panels Would Outlast Hurricanes?

Some people remain worried about whether or not solar panels can withstand extreme weather conditions. This is despite the surge in the popularity of solar energy in recent years.

If you want to make sure you won’t waste the money you spend on the panels, even during extreme weather conditions, here are some pointers you must know about:

Solar Panel Design

These panels were designed to remain in place and sturdy even during extreme weather conditions. Most of these panels can withstand up to 140 mph of wind or Category 4 hurricane.

The solar panels’ design depends on the mounting system that secures them to the roof or the ground. You must ensure the mounting system is stable and strong, so it can hold the weight of the panels regardless of the weather.

Systems for installing solar panels are frequently made of aluminum or stainless steel and designed to be sturdy and light. Flashing and sealants are components of the mounting system that prevent water from entering the roof.

Impact Protection

Another problem with hurricanes is the potential for flying debris to damage solar panels. Solar panels are made of tempered glass, designed to be impact-resistant. The glass is typically between 3 and 5 millimeters thick and can withstand the impact of hail or other debris.

Some solar panel manufacturers add defense layers, such as anti-reflective coatings, to boost impact resistance.

Appropriate Installation

A proper installation is also required for solar panels to withstand hurricanes and other severe weather. Solar panel installation must be carried out by qualified professionals who follow local business and building codes.

The mounting system must be firmly connected to the ground or roof, and the panels must be placed at the ideal angle to maximize performance and reduce the possibility of wind damage.

Solar panels can resist various weather conditions; therefore, hurricanes do not affect them. When correctly installed, they are more resistant to severe weather, have impact-resistant glass, and have a strong mounting mechanism.

If you’re considering installing solar panels, pick a dependable installer and high-quality solar panels with a proven performance and durability track record.

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